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Northern Kentucky Kennel Club

Serving the Greater Cincinnati Area since 1951

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

—Roger Caras

Northern Kentucky Kennel Club (NKKC) is member club of the Amereican Kennel Club serving the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati Area. NKKC has long promoted AKC recognized breeds and events. As an AKC member club, we also offer education and support to those who are interested in AKC dogs.

If you are interested in the wonderful world of AKC dogs, you are just the person we would love to have join our Kennel Club. We are a small friendly Kennel Club who welcomes visitors at our monthly meeting. Currently, members are working on hosting our two annual shows during the Bluegrass Classic Dog Show  weekend, This occurs in September of 2016 at the Kentucky Horse Park's Altech Arena.

AKC has a wonderful opportunity for anyone who might like to show in Conformation. Click here to enroll. It is FREE!